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The Randall Morris Foundation supports organizations in their efforts to provide for those who are in need.


We fund local charities in the community by hosting a Celebrity Golf and Celebrity Poker tournament each year. Our charities are the beneficiaries of the remaining funds from the golf and poker tournaments. Monies go to a carefully selected pool of charities.


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Our tournament was born out of a philanthropic vision of two men.

The seeds for the Randall Morris Foundation were planted 13years ago when he and a friend talked about doing a golf tournament to help needing families in the community out. That spring of 2005 began OUR ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT. We were able to help five families that year.

Our first tournament raised $11,000. The following year, the event doubled and over time, got better and better. To date, we’ve raised almost a million dollars to help those in need through events like our Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament and our Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament.

We bring together local celebrities as well as national celebrities and invite the public to come hang out, play golf or poker, or just mingle at our VIP parties that are tied to these events.

Our events not only raise money for a great cause but will send you home with memories, autographs, and bragging rights unlike any other event you’ll attend in the name of charity.



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The monies that the Randall Morris Foundation has raised since its inception has served children and their families along with many organizations.

Randall’s desire to offer support to all children, families, and communities - whether they are medically fragile, economically disabled, or typically challenged, lends to the foundation’s perspective that we are all one community and that may come in many forms.

We tend to see a bigger picture. Randall has been committed to “paying it forward” since his retirement from football and the NFL. Realizing that his personal connection and reach to a “Who’s Who” of professional athletes and celebrities allows him to host events that are second to none when it comes to raising money for a good cause.

The Randall Morris Foundation allows others in need of funds to benefit from their special events.


The Randall Morris Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit specializing in producing sports and entertainment events. Our foundation selects a benefiting charity in conjunction with an event, produces the event, pays the expenses, and finally, donates net proceeds to charities.


Personal “get-to-know” interviews and site tours is the sole method of determining a prospective charity partner. Granted, it is a loosely-structured process. The personal relationship-building process ultimately reveals the likelihood of a mutually benefiting partnership.


Contact the Randall Morris Foundation by phone or email to determine if there are any current opportunities available. Organizations must hold a current 501 (c) 3 non-profit status to qualify.


Randall Morris Celebrity Golf Invitational

Burned Children Recovery Foundation

Mary’s Place

Randall Morris Celebrity Poker tournament

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