Sponsorship has many benefits.

Go big.  Then Go Home with the VIPS from our event.



We know the value of creating a winning team.

And we know that you want to know that along with helping a great cause, your marketing investment gets the attention it deserves.



You can donate many ways as a sponsor:


GIFT:  Your one time, tax-deductible gift will help families and children in need.  You're welcome to remain anonymous, but we'd be proud to feature you on our site.  ($500 and up)


MARKETING PARTNER:  Want the most out of your contribution?  We'd love to feature you as an event partner.  Your company logo will be featured on all printed marketing materials, in a video, on embroidered hats, and on featured VIP promotional merchandise.  There's no better way to get your logo in the hands of great people than to let them take it home with them.  ($25,000 minimum tax-deductible contribution)


SPIRITS PARTNER:  We live in the sweet spot of our country.  And we're surrounded by the best craft distilleries and breweries in the business.  As a featured Spirits Partner, your beverage will be offered on the green, in your own branded tent, and featured in our brochures as well as on our website.  ($5,000 tax-deductible contribution)


TRAVEL PARTNER:  Collectively, we have more VIPS that travel more first class miles in the interest of good causes each year than almost any other local celebrity event.  And that means we offer a captive audience for you.  As an exclusive travel partner, guarantee that you'll be the featured airline of choice for our guests, your logo will be hot-linked to your website for reservations, and your logo will be featured on our embroidered travel bags and shaving kits.  ($15,000 tax-deductible contribution)


TECHNOLOGY PARTNER:  Whether you're in the cable business, software business, or happen to be known for putting the world on the digital GPS Map, we'd love to feature you in our digital content promotions.  From Instagram to Facebook, we're in the digital age and we'd be happy to place your logo front and center in our promotions.  We'll even give you the chance to offer a Golden Ticket in our VIP Swag bags - so that each guest has one chance to win the product offering of your choosing.  This is your chance to make an impression unlike any other.  ($5,000 tax-deductible contribution)


MEDIA PARTNER:  Seattle has some of the best media organizations in the business.  And we're offering one media partner the exclusive rights to cover our event, interview some top names, and be featured on our leather digital gear bags - complete with your embossed logo next to ours.  ($7,500 tax-deductible contribution)


ATHLETIC PARTNER:  This is our top spot.  You'll be front and center in front of some of the best athletes the NFL has ever seen.  We'll feature your logo on our brochures, our website, and in our promotional video.  You'll have a chance to put the gift of your choice in our VIP Swag bags, and we'll put your logo on our promotional towels.  You'll have your own VIP tent on the 9th hole - and your brand ambassadors will be our guest at the Clearwater Casino and Resort for two nights.  ($25,000 tax-deductible contribution)


FINANCIAL PARTNER:  Our guests have spending power in the top 10% of residents in our area.  And with spending power means wise investment decisions, sound strategic growth with retirement accounts, and vacation homes that are made possible by wise lenders in the financial industry.  As the exclusive financial partner, your logo will appear on our personalized event VIP "Black" Cards (looks like a credit card but features your logo and has each VIP Guest name on it - doubles as a premium luggage tag.  Tag is black and silver and is custom laser engraved.  You'll have your own branded tent on the golf course and are welcome to promote both on the green and at the clubhouse (before and after the event).  Your logo will also appear on our brochures, in our video, and on our website.  ($10,000 minimum contribution)


REAL ESTATE PARTNER:   You have dream houses, exclusive listings, and top dollar addresses.  And we have the people that live a life unlike any others.  We call them friends.  You might just call them prospective buyers.  Either way, it's a win-win situation.  You bring out your best brokers, we'll bring out our best buddies.  We call that partnership magic that works for everyone.  Your logo will be featured on our event brochure, on your own tent and we'll even give your a spot in our Celebrity/VIP Swag bags to drop in the promotional item of your choice.  Want to be a part of the bigger picture?  Why not treat your top brokers to a round of golf with our VIPS - after all, everyone knows the golf course is where the real deals go down.  ($5,000 tax-deductible contribution)